Listen to "Conversations" with Chris (Seven Generation/Forewarned) and Greg (Trial/Bystander)

Listen to "Conversations" with Chris (Seven Generation/Forewarned) and Greg (Trial/Bystander)

Two of our favorite people for years and years, Greg Bennick (Trial) and Chris Rouse (Seven Generations) both have new bands. Greg sings for Bystander and Chris is fronting Forewarned. Both bands are amazing and are literally changing our scene for the better.

In this series called “Conversations”, they ask each other about their lyrics, ideals, writings, etc. Simply put, it’s absolutely amazing. I heard about the idea last week and knew it would be great, but it’s beyond what I was ready for.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with things to click on and listen to. The following is worth every second of your time.

Bystanders new record is available through Safe Inside Records and can be purchase here. Listen to their bandcamp here.

Forewarned has a new demo that you can listen to right here.