Very Limited Edition Pressure Release Merch – Reprint

Hey, everyone!

We are doing a very limited edition reprint of the original Pressure Release “Prison of my Own” shirt. It’s now available in t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt and pullover hoodies in our shop.

We will only print the following quantities in these color combinations (they will not be reprinted again):

T-SHIRTS – click here
12 Navy
12 Black
12 Red

6 Navy
6 Black
6 Red

HOODIES – click here
12 Black


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Welcome Treason to the New Age Records Family

We are thrilled to announce that we have added Cincinnati’s own Treason the the New Age Records Family.

Hardcore is alive and well in 2017…

Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Treason was formed out of necessity. With hardcore roots going back decades, the band felt a sense of obligation to represent the hardcore community and give back to what has given them such memories and purpose. Formed in 2017, Treason has members of Suffocate Faster, LAW, Culture, One Nation Under and Blood Has Been Shed, giving the band its own uniqueness both in sound and message.

“I remember coming up and buying anything New Age Records put out. Back in the stone age there was no internet or band camps. You bought records based on word of mouth and what the labels were pumping out. It’s an honor for us to be on releasing a record on a label that has given so much to our community and continues to share new bands with everyone” said Rich Thurston.

New Age Records founder Mike Hartsfield said, “I was so excited when Rich approached us as a possible home for Treason. We haven’t had many heavy hardcore bands recently on the label. Sometimes people forget New Age was the foundation for bands like Unbroken & Mean Season. We are thrilled to have Treason as part of the family”.

The debut 12” EP will be released this summer as the band sets out for numerous live shows in support as well as playing at this year’s “This Is Hardcore” fest.

Upcoming Shows

4/22 Cincinnati, Ohio @North Side Yacht Club
7/29 Philadelphia, PA @This is Hardcore

Read more about them here.

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Welcome Decline to the New Age Family

With hardcore and straight edge roots stemming back over 25 years, Decline plays fast unapologetic old school hardcore reminiscent of some of the bands of that era. The band formed in 2013 and features former members of Haunted Life, Expired Youth, Noose and New Heart.

“To say we’re stoked to be on New Age Records would be an understatement for sure!” says drummer Chad Rapper. “Being involved with hardcore for as long as some of us have been, we fully understand the impact New Age has had on the hardcore scene. It’s one thing to know about a labels history but it’s another thing to have been there for it.  Having our name next to bands like Turning Point, Chorus of Disapproval, Outspoken and many more, is something we could never have imagined four years ago; we’re pretty grateful”.

Upcoming Shows:
3/18/17 with Near Death & more @Evolution Music, Downers Grove, IL
3/31/17 with Coronary & more @ Refuge Skate Shop, Dearborn, MI
4/02/17 with Slapshot & more @ Reggies Rockhouse, Chicago, IL
4/21/17 No Coast Edge Fest @Royal Skateshop, Lansing, IL
5/04/17 with Hanging Moon, Breaking Wheel @Royal Skateshop, Lansing, IL

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Safe and Sound Sign with New Age Records

New Age Records is excited to announce that Seattle, Washington’s Safe and Sound has joined the New Age Records family and are currently working on a follow up to their “Embers Still Remain” EP (2016). The 7” titled “Ashes Lie and Wait” is due to be released this summer on New Age Records.

Safe and Sound formed in 2012 when a group of young straight edge kids that wanted to play “Youth Crew/Early 2000’s”-influenced hardcore. The band played at Rainiest in 2013 and since then, Safe and Sound has toured the west coast of the U.S., Texas as well as Western Canada. In 2014, they released their first 7” record titled “The Tides”. In 2016, they released their second 7” record “Embers Still Remain” and a music video for their song “Dream”. 

Safe and Sound caught the eyes and ears of New Age Records staff at the “Standing Hard” fest 2016 and the gears were set in motion to work together.

New Age Records is a hardcore punk record label located in Southern California. New Age is owned by Mike Hartsfield who began the label in 1988 and released bands such as Unbroken, Lifetime, Turning Point and Mouthpiece. 



Band Camp:

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