Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Treason was formed out of necessity. With hardcore roots going 
back decades, the band felt a sense of obligation to represent the hardcore community and give back to what has given them such memories and purpose. Formed in 2017, Treason has members of Suffocate Faster, LAW, Culture, One Nation Under and Blood Has Been Shed, giving the band its own uniqueness both in sound and message.Hardcore is alive and well in 2018…

“I remember coming up and buying anything New Age Records put out. Back in the stone age there was no internet or band camps. You bought records based on word of mouth and what the labels were pumping out. It’s an honor for us to be on releasing a record on a label that has given so much to our community and continues to share new bands with everyone” said Rich Thurston.

New Age Records founder Mike Hartsfield said, “I was so excited when Rich approached us as a possible home for Treason. We haven’t had many heavy hardcore bands recently on the label. Sometimes people forget New Age was the foundation for bands like Unbroken & Mean Season. We are thrilled to have Treason as part of the family”.

The debut 12” EP, “No One is Safe” is in stores now.

Upcoming Shows:
02/02/2019 St. Louis MO at  St. Louis Workers Education Center (event page)
03/16/2019 Louisville KY at Spinelli’s Downtown (event flyer)

Rich Thurston-Guitar
Chris Alsip-Vocals
Jon Endonino-Guitar
Jonathan Elliot-Drums
Maxxwell Lange-Bass

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Facebook: Here
Band Camp: Here