Safe and Sound


Safe and Sound formed in 2012 in Seattle, WA as a group of young straight edge kids that wanted to play youth crew/early 2000’s influenced hardcore. After having some member changes and an addition of a second guitarist, the band played their first fest in 2013, Rainfest, in their hometown. From then until now, a lot has happened with Safe and Sound in terms of the music they play and the goals they have.

Throughout late 2013 and early 2014, the band spent some time touring the west coast and western Canada. In 2014, they released their first 7″ record entitled “The Tides”. With the release of that record came the departure of 3 of its band members. After gaining 3 new members in late 2014, they began writing and planning for a new era of Safe and Sound.

In 2015, they began writing “Embers Still Remain”, their second 7″, which was released in early 2016. They continued touring the west coast, western Canada as well as Texas and released a music video for their song “Dream”. The song and video has animal rights and vegan themes, which is a big part of the band’s message. They released “Embers Still Remain”, which was followed by a full U.S. tour. They plated the “Hope For Shelter” fest in San Antonio, Texas. By the end of 2016, a second pressing of “Embers Still Remain” was released and the band began writing new material. 

Safe and Sound caught the eyes and ears of New Age Records staff at the “Standing Hard” fest 2016 and the gears were set in motion to work together. The band’s first release will be out this summer on New Age Records.

The band release their first single with New Age in 2017 titled “Ashes Lie and Wait”.

2018 brought Safe and Sound to Europe for their first tour over as well as hitting the stage at This Is Hardcore fest. An extensive writing schedule brought them to their first full length release.

“Only in Death” is set to hit stores this March 22nd. Order vinyl here

Upcoming shows:
03/24/2019 Salt Lake City UT @The Bee Hive
03/25/2019 Colorado Spring CO @Black Sheep
03/26/2019  Kansas City MO @Sister Anne’s Record Shop
03/27/2019 Toledo OH @Ottawa Tavern
03/28/2019 Columbus OH @Big Room Bar
03/29/2019 Cincinnati OH @North Shore Yacht Club
03/30/2019 Wilkes-Barre PA @Karl Hall
03/31/2019 Upton MA @Upton VFW
04/01/2019 Bangor ME @Downunder Club
04/02/2019 Wallingford CT @Wamleg
04/03/2019 Oakdale NY @Shakers Pub
04/05/2019 Long Branch NJ @Creative Space
04/06/2019 Brooklyn NY @Gold Sounds
04/07/2019 Towson MD @The Raven Inn
04/08/2019 Greensboro @NC Fantasy
04/09/2019 Memphis TN @Hi-Tone
04/10/2019 Dallas TX @The Prophet Bar
04/11/2019 San Antinio TX @Guillotine
04/12/2019 Phoenix AZ @The Nile Underground
04/13/2019 Pomona CA @The Avenue
04/14/2019 Santa Cruz CA @Subrosa