Freewill formed in mid-1987 when some friends came together to share their love for playing music. The band’s first show was opening for Agnostic Front, The Offspring and No For An Answer in 1988. Shortly after that, a recording date was set and between numerous local shows, a demo tape was recorded. The band traveled to Arizona with Insted as well as Northern California with Uniform Choice. It was around this time that Pat Dubar, owner of Wishingwell Records, talked to the band about signing to the label. 

Freewill found sonic inspiration in Dag Nasty’s very underappreciated “Field Day” LP and quickly booked recording time at the same studio and enlisted the services of the late engineer/producer Bill Krodel (Inside Out, Chain of Strength, Reason to Believe). Once the recording was finished, the band turned the master tapes over to Wishingwell and awaited the album’s release.

In 1989, after receiving test pressings for the record, Wishingwell Records mysteriously dissolved before the Freewill album could be released. Shortly after, bass player Mike Hartsfield left the band and they changed their name to Stonetelling. They re-recorded and re-mixed parts on the Freewill LP and released the record on Network Sound. Eventually, Stonetelling broke up and members moved on to other projects.

Over a decade later, Pat Dubar took the original reels (along with other Wishingwell releases), and sold the masters to a record label in Europe. Subsequently, the record was put out without the consent of the band. It even contained a layout including images none of them had seen before.

In 2015, all four original members of Freewill begin talking about the idea of playing together again. They also wanted to release an authorized version of their first LP. It wasn’t long before they began practicing regularly. The Freewill “Sun Return” LP was released on New Age Records in the Spring of 2016, 28 years after it was recorded. Around the same time, the original demo (also recorded in 1988) was released as a self titled 7” through Mankind Records.  

Freewill played a memorial show for Sense Field/Reason to Believe singer Jon Bunch who passed away in early 2016. In 2017, the band began writing new material for a future release and playing out again regularly. 

Scott Gravois : Vocals
Charlie Trujillo: Drums
Paul Cranston: Guitar
Mike Hartsfield: Bass

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