With hardcore and straight edge roots stemming back over 25 years, Decline plays fast unapologetic old school hardcore reminiscent of some of the bands of that era. The band formed in 2013 and features former members of Haunted Life, Expired Youth, Noose and New Heart.

“To say we’re stoked to be on New Age Records would be an understatement for sure!” says drummer Chad Rapper. “Being involved with hardcore for as long as some of us have been, we fully understand the impact New Age has had on the hardcore scene. It’s one thing to know about a labels history but it’s another thing to have been there for it.  Having our name next to bands like Turning Point, Chorus of Disapproval, Outspoken and many more, is something we could never have imagined four years ago; we’re pretty grateful”.

Chad – drums
Shariq – guitar
Kyle – guitar
Nathan – bass
Fernando – vocals

Upcoming Shows:
08/24/2018 Fullerton CA @Programme (facebook event)
08/25/2018 Garden Grove CA @Garden Amp (facebook event)
08/27/2018 La Jolla, CA @Che Cafe
08/28/2018 Tijuana MEX @Lycanthro Pub
09/22/2018 Grand Rapids MI @Wealthy Theatre (facebook event)
09/23/2018 Chicago IL (facebook event